The Humanoids The Humanoids

The Humanoids is a collection of 10,000 unique Humanoids who live on the Ethereum blockchain. Your Humanoid doubles as your membership card, and grants access to benefits like raffles, giveaways and more.

Stake Humanoids & Earn $ION

$ION is the utility token of The Humanoids Ecosystem. This token is NOT an investment.

Gen 1

10,000 Total Supply

Gen 1.1

5,000 Total Supply


  • Free AirdropDone

    When 25% of the Humanoids sell out, 10 lucky holders will be airdropped one free Humanoid.

  • Exclusive raffleDone

    When 50% of the Humanoids sell out, we’ll be doing a community exclusive raffle to win some Ethereum!

  • Exclusive raffleDone

    When 100% of the Humanoids sell out, we’ll be doing a community exclusive raffle to win some more Ethereum.

  • Rarity ToolsDone

    We will list The Humanoids on Rarity Tools.

  • GalleryDone

    After the start of the sale we'll start working on a Humanoids gallery.

  • Community FundDone

    After selling out we'll put 15 eth in a community wallet.

Roadmap (updated)

  • Expanding marketing Channels Ongoing

    We are going to ramp up our reach and visibility across by collaborating with known people of influence that we believe can add value to the project.

  • Humanoid Gen 1.1 launch Done

    All holders will get a free Gen 1.1 for every 2 Humanoids they own.

  • Staking Done

    Introducing $ION token as the utility token for The Humanoids Ecosystem

  • Customisable Humanoids Gen 1.1

    Use $ION token to customise your Humanoid Gen 1.1

  • Comic

    This initiative will bring life to The Humanoids universe. Only available for holders.

  • Humanoid Poster Giveaways Done

    Giveaway of multiple posters for holders

  • Community Awards Ongoing

  • Bi-weekly giveaways Ongoing

    For 26 weeks we're going to hold giveaways for our holders.

  • Dev Competition

  • Merchstore

  • Update image quality on marketplaces Done

    All images on marketplaces will be upgraded to 4k resolution

  • Move images of the Humanoids Gen 1 to IFPS Done

Look-up Gallery


How can I get a Humanoid?
Humanoids can only be purchased on the secondary market like OpenSea or LooksRare
What can I do with my Humanoid?
You are free to do anything with them under a non-exclusive license.
What is $ION?
The $ION token is an utility token in The Humanoids ecosystem, it does not represent any monetary value and is NOT an investment.
What will be the price of a Humanoid?
The Humanoids are sold out. At launch the cost was set at 0.08 ETH for each Humanoid.
Are Humanoid NFT's an investment?
No, all NFT's from The Humanoids are collectables.
How do I contact the team?
Jump into our discord. All direct communication will happen there or on Twitter for now.