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      Why can I only redeem traits once a month?
      All Humanoids are 4K images and need to re-render once the traits are redeemed. Due to this taking a lot of time we restricted redeeming to once a month
      What happens when my trait when I redeem it?
      Once you redeem your trait it will be burned.
      Why don't my traits appear when I want to customize a gen1.1?
      Make sure you "MINT" your traits, if you haven't already, navigate to your purchase history and press the mint button, this involves a small gas fee to mint them onto the Ethereum blockchain
      What happens to the traits that are being replaced?
      They are burned as well.
      What happens if I sell or transfer my Humanoid that has pending trait changes?
      The new owner will get the original Humanoid without the changes being applied. New traits are only applied when the holder of the Humanoid is the same as the one that submitted the changes.
      What does it mean when a trait has a purple, orange, or red color?
      Purple: A changed trait you applied but have not committed to the blockchain yet, the change can be undone by clicking it.
      Orange: A changed trait that has been committed to the blockchain and is waiting to be rendered.
      Red: A trait that will be removed because it conflicts with another trait you applied. For example, if you apply the head trait "Helmet" any ear traits will automatically be removed.
      How long does it take until the changes are made?
      Why can't I see the trait changes on my Humanoids.
      ...if rendered...need to press refresh metadata on OpenSea
      What happens to the rarity of the Humanoids
      ...Due to changes to traits rarity of all humanoids will be effected... even if you don't change traits.