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Each staked Humanoid yields 10 $ION per day.

- Humanoids v1.1 not supported at this time

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What is $ION?
The $ION token is an utility token in The Humanoids ecosystem, it does not represent any monetary value.
How can I stake?
Staking is simple, fill in your Humanoid numbers seperated by a comma in the field and click on "Stake". The first time you want to stake you have give our contract permission to interact with your Humanoids, this will cost gas.
Can't stake/unstake my Humanoid?
Verify your input is correct, don't use # while putting in ID. It is important to remember you can only stake gen1, not gen1.1 Humanoids.
My transaction appears stuck while staking / unstaking why is it still spinning?
Sometimes the Ethereum network gets congested and transactions take longer than usual to process, if this happens confirm that the transaction is queued in Metamask and you are safe to navigate away from the page and wait for it to finish processing.
How can I claim my $ION?
Everyday 24 hours you'll yield 10 $ION for every Humanoid you have staked. You can claim these tokens whenever you want. When claiming you have to pay a little bit of gas, but keep in mind that it will not always be necessary to first claim tokens to use them in the Humanoids Ecosystem.
Do I need to claim my rewards?
This is up to you. In the future we're planning to add function that can spend your unclaimed rewards.
Do I lose my rewards when I unstake Humanoids?
No, you will not lose your rewards when you unstake one or all of your Humanoids.
Is the $ION token an investment?
No, the $ION token is not an investment and is mereley an utility token in the Humanoids Ecosystem. At any time we can stop the use of the current token within the ecosystem.
Where does my Humanoid go when I stake?
When you stake a humanoid it will be locked up in our staking contract. When you unstake you'll receive your Humanoid back in your wallet.